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Univerity of Tennessee "Smokey"

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Hey Vols! We have the perfect rendition of Smokey X for you. Our plush version with a pacifier attached will be the perfect toy for your little fans. 
Vols use both a live and a costumed version of Smokey. There is an actual Bluetick Coonhound mascot, Smokey X, who leads the Vols on the field for football games. The costumed version of Smokey made his debut in the 1980s.

Safety - 

We are passionate about our customers, families and teams. Safety is incredibly important to us as we created Gamezies for our own little ones, friends and family.

Each Gamezies product is created in accordance with the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) and is pull tested. By using the highest level of materials, we ensure our products meet our own safety levels and all applicable standards. All products are thoroughly safety tested and are free of chemicals such as BPA, lead and Phthalates. The easy to attach pacifiers are made with medical-grade, latex-free silicone.

For more information on general safety, review the below resources:

Pacifier safety – American Academy of Pediatrics